hi there :]

i just created the soupJump "plugin", written in javascript and wanted an easy howto for that thingy: that's why i just setup this microsite. if you want to use my javascript in your soup, just alter the snippet below to fit your needs. for those with own webspace, who want to host the script by themselves, i created a form, that posts your information to my server and delivers the generated javascript to an iframe shown below.

the quick way:
simply fill out this form:

13st of may in 2011 would be 2011-05-13; will be labelled with "the beginning"
may would be 05
i.e. 2011
the part before ".soup.io"

le script:
updates, while filling out the form above

if you prefer hosting the script by yourself, just use the following generator to receive your prepared javascript on the fly:

if you filled out the form above, the url provided below should already work for you. click on "generate script" to get the sourcecode delivered.
if you receive a 404 error check the variables in the form and try again ;]

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